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Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

Employee SurveysEmployee feedback is crucial to your organization’s health. Through employee satisfaction surveys, organizational culture surveys, and employee feedback systems, you can create a healthy corporate communication that will lead to greater employee satisfaction, employee retention, and employee loyalty. With this information you'll be able to quantify how well your employees embrace your organizations goals, values, and mission.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys provide you the opportunity to stay connected with your employees’ needs, wants, and perceptions. Determine how your employees truly view your organization, their position, the management team, and your customers. Peak Surveys customizes survey tools using online surveys, paper surveys, phone surveys, or any combination thereof; providing you with the feedback you need to hire, train and retain loyal, long-term employees. Remember, employees can be your means to success or assist in your demise.

Organizational Culture Surveys

Organizational culture surveys allow you to determine if your management and employees are working toward and “living” your organization’s values, mission, and customer focus. Peak Surveys will develop a culture survey that will facilitate in defining your existing culture, determining how the existing culture differs from the sought after culture, and creating a path to a successful culture change.

Employee Feedback Systems

An employee survey by itself is a snapshot of your employees’ perceptions at any given time. Although this is a valuable tool, it is important to develop a continuous employee feedback system; keeping you in communication with your employees and their changing perceptions, wants, and needs. Employee satisfaction can decrease instantaneously with changes in leadership, corporate decisions, or added tasks. A well-developed employee feedback system will prevent small issues from ballooning, keep rumors to a minimum, allow employees to share their frustrations, and encourage contribution of ideas for improvement. The continuous nature of the feedback system provides comparative data, a long-term look at successes and failures, and a record of both positive and negative trends.

General Survey Process

Although different survey types require different progressions, below is a general outline of the survey process.

Survey Design

We work with your key staff to design comprehensive surveys that are conducted via the web, paper, kiosk, or phone. As a result, surveys are customized to include your specific wants, needs, and goals. Peak Surveys also codes surveys to allow for segmenting the data into meaningful categories. For example, in a customer satisfaction survey you may want the data reported by geographic region, size of account, or sales representative. A market research survey may require segmentation by age or gender.

Survey Testing

Peak Surveys then tests surveys with client, customer, or employee sampling to make sure questions are clear and concise. The testing also ensures areas important to the recipient have not been omitted.

Survey Data Analysis

We then gather and slice the data into the various segments that you have chosen, such as geographic region, size of account, sales representative, gender, age, etc. The data is then compiled in a four-color, easy-to-read report. We customize your report using tables, graphs, and pie charts depending on the needs of your organization. Peak Surveys then partners with you in further analysis to apply the findings to your business, create action items and follow through with identified successes and failures.

Survey Pricing

We offer a wide range of services from consulting on an in-house survey, to a full-service customer or employee feedback system.

Sample Survey Reports

Peak Surveys personalizes reports for each client depending on their goals, needs and preferences. We can also generate reports for different departments using different graphs. For example, most accounting departments or number crunchers would rather see the numbers and statistics only, whereas the marketing or customer service departments more often request full-color visual graphics along with the top-line reporting.

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