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Market Research

Market ResearchWhether you’re opening a new location, offering a new product, or providing a new service, effective market research is critical in your decision-making process. The research helps you learn information specific to your business and your customers. Peak Surveys employs quantitative or qualitative techniques to address business objectives . Quantitative will confirm or change your assumptions through numbers, as in a survey. Whereas qualitative methods are longer, more detailed interviews with fewer customers, revealing the reasons behind their behavior. Focus Groups, One-on-Ones, are qualitative in nature.


Market Research Surveys can be conducted via the web, phone, paper, or kiosk. Your budget, client profile, and target market are key in determining which method, or combination of methods will get you the most comprehensive data.


Qualitative research such as Focus Groups, On-on-Ones, Dyads/Triads, Ethnography, are a powerful means to evaluate services or test new ideas or products. Focus groups are interviews with approximately 6-10 people at the same time and in the same group. Several focus groups are performed for each project in order to gain the most accurate information. On-on-One, Dyads and Triads consist of one, two and three person interviews respectively and provide the benefit of more concentrated dialogue. Ethnography helps us understand behavior and culture by going out and talking to people wherever they are, while they’re doing whatever it is they do. Peak Surveys becomes a member of your team in determining the goals of the project and handles all of the planning, recruiting, facilitation, and analysis.